Advance praise for How Not to Write a Novel we didn’t make up

“I laughed till I nearly cried. How many hours of editors’ time might have been saved had this book existed earlier? But, more important, will it put us out of a job?”

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–Rebecca Carter, Senior Editor, Random House UK


“Writing a novel can be excruciating. Reading How Not To Write A Novel won’t make it any less painful, but at least you’ll be laughing–and you’ll end up with a better novel.”

–Tracy Bernstein, Executive Editor, New American Library

“A hilarious tour of the many faux pas aspiring — and, dare I say, some published — novelists commit. I laughed so hard I cried.”

–Sally MacKenzie, USA Today best-selling author

“I’ve been a professional editor for the past twenty years and I don’t recall seeing a more useful book for novelists in all that time. It’s also one of the funniest books I’ve read.”

–Gordon Van Gelder, Editor, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

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