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We found this review on the website for Chinese Paladin Online, a popular role-playing game. Translation by google. 

Veteran point of writing fiction writers can not afford to make mistakes

100-105 Dumps


Love written by authors who have big dreams, but I take infinite pains taken to the famous publishing house knew just dart back edge, automatic return.Where exactly the problem? Difficult book to write the novel, the representative of the worst in 1969 is none other than Seoul American writer James (John Kennedy Toole), because no one is willing to publication of his novel “The fool alliance” (A Confederacy of Dunces), the last suicide. 4 to sell his mother did not give up, and finally a book. God knows well received book, the 1981 Pulitzer Prize.



“This is not to write fiction” book video


The bloody lessons of the former, the young people to write the novel can not miss the two veteran writers: shadow writer (Howard Mittelmark) and Newman University Writing (Sandra Newman) jointly co-authored the book “fiction is not the case write “(How Not to Write a Novel), the burden of proof that fiction can not afford to make the 200 error, a listing on the Web Bookstore, got the British bestseller list.


Typically an essential element of bad novels that according to the book are: the circumstances of absurd or unintelligible muttered; role annoying feature; full of cliches and the author of bias. “Writers need to do is to keep readers page.” Priority cases, regardless of emotional move, or move about reserving intellectual aspirations, can not wait to let readers know how the next.Benign circumstances such as redundant, no one to see through the follow-up to put the development of justice, and no injuries removed.

“The primary objective of writing is communication, to let readers know what you want to say.”Writer must “make clear what the focus, lock onto. Not to write hundreds of pages is still beating about the bush, nor explain why spend hundreds of pages to write them. Do not say at the beginning of the book on the way of life, or what things to change over the past of them. “First-class fiction is usually sensitive to the protagonist of the opening encounter difficult problems, with the circumstances of the progress of the accident, incident or resistance to power, “the protagonist struggling inner pain, still go forward; hesitate in the face of inevitable truth, but last-minute surprises to resolve the impasse, suddenly look back and understand the reasons and the inevitable turning point. “


Nobody wanted the story is: “to introduce high-profile characters, pets and even their parents and friends took turns playing, one by one close-up nature of their acts. The next group of people interact in different ways, usually in restaurants, bars and different people at home, explained the details of leak. “


The authors suggest, the novel written in first call upon the friends to look over, if they debate each other, but you should never give up the idea of a book, even if repeated repeatedly sent back. Do not worry, for a few more bullets, at the same time sent to the Second Thirty Letters are also fine.Unless each of editors and agents have criticized the problems, or the views of some people may not fully correct, the book or may be sold; the premise of the work must be good enough to get readers. “Blockbuster debut more than a publishing company editor received the manuscript not be read, but a good story, a young inexperienced author, edit, simply run to the end of rewritten from scratch.”


The authors also pointed out that good writers are first-class readers, especially a word of advice: “Reading the more good works, the more likely to become a better writer.” Classic literature interest, it is best when the writer died of heart, Henry James has made: “Without a good novel is from a shallow mind.”


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